I know this is my first Blog entry. I have had my site mazzaratiemonica.com up and running for a year now. prier to this last year. I was with a webmaster that I did not agree with on how the content was being produced. The Look and outcome was just not what I was wanting for myself. 

Over the Last few years I have changed gears on  what I wanted out of myself as a business person. I will work harder at producing better quality content and keeping updates to at least twice a week. 

So you know and can already see. I am NOT a writer! Reason why this blog is coming to you a year later. I am more of a creative sole. I like to be hands on and making the dreams I have come to life. 

Well enough of the ramblings. 

I have been busy shooting content for the site; photo-sets, and videos. They will be Scheduled  out twice a week. Later this week starting of next week. I will have a new layout for the site. I am in the middle of creating a brighter site for you to enjoy. 

If you wish to have your own video or photo-set, I do offer them. I call them 4UrEyesOnly! They start at $150 (per model, per 10 mins) for a 10 min clip or 100 photos in photo-set. I am open to pretty much anything. Only things I will never do is Blood play, bestiality, or under age play (anything under the age of 18). Some fetishes will require a higher rate. If I have to go out and buy an item, or outfit the cost will reflect it. 

Each model in the video or photo-set will be compensated accordingly. 

I also have outfits, panties, and other items for sale. Just look under the tips page to see what is available. 

Once again thank you for joining my site Mazzaratiemonica.com/ Clubmazzi.com. 

I have lots cumming in the next few months. I can not wait to share with you.